March 28, 2009

Inspirational ideas

My Big Idea: 30 successful entrepreneurs reveal how they found inspiration
In this fascinating new book, 30 successful entrepreneurs explain how they turned their dreams into reality. They tell how they decided what to do, how they got started, how they found the money they needed and how they went about it. But they also reveal how they had doubts, made mistakes and encountered frustrations along the way. Importantly, they also explain how they overcame these difficulties and turned a dream into a commercially viable reality. Gutsy, inspiring and life affirming...if you have ever dream of starting up a business of your own, this book is for you.

Displaying here the original cover printed by Kogan Page UK and one I changed for Indian market printed by Kogan Page India. Hope you like it.

Original cover

Cover I designed for Indian Market
For holding cloud effect I clicked my hand photograph holding my mobile phone and then I Photoshop it and removed my mobile and background from it and adjust it with the cloud. Let me know what you think about the idea.

March 20, 2009

Joined-up-thinking for creative people

Recently Apple Computers organized "Joined-up-thinking" event for all creative professionals.

The Event Landing page says -"Whatever kind of professional you are, you know media is converging. Never before have there been so many different ways to deliver an idea. Uncertain about these changes? Take a look at the tools that are essential for remixing creative for multiple media....."

During this interactive event, Allen and one more Mac expert from Apple provide an overview of the latest creative tools for the Mac platform in a very witty style. They also give a demo of Apple’s innovative professional software. They discuss that how Mac’s unparalleled hardware/software integration provides a unique environment to help you create and deliver content for print, web, DVD, broadcast and podcast.

Nowadays creative professionals are facing number of challenges. Competition is increasing and you need to be very fast as well as good at your job to keep your clients happy. As Allen says "Time is money.... less time in completing a job means more money"

No doubt that Mac users have an edge on quality, time consumption, handling different software in one single machine over others who use different OS. The event also included demo on work flows delivering content across different media.

One lucky participant also won the 8GB iPod Nano :) There was also an arrangement of refreshment after event. As an iMac user I find this event very interesting. You got to know about new short cuts and methods to use your Mac as well as other versetile qualities of Apple iMac.

March 17, 2009


I designed this T Shirt for a contest "Crazzy 'bout Coffee". Though many designs other participants submitted are good too but I think this is cool and message is different. The results are depend on voting to each design. If you like my work then you can vote by clicking on TshritI am adding vote site link to the design.

March 12, 2009


I know of only one bird - the parrot - that talks; and it can't fly very high.
Made in CorelDraw
Comments Invited

March 7, 2009

Path Breaker T Shirts

Just started designing T Shirt.

The colourful circle in this design represent the different cultures and people of India. I select white colour for background so that all the colours remain very prominent and look attractive.
This design symbolize the initiative. Initiative to break through traditional teachings to truth and the world of new beginning. Simple as well as impressive. I am sure youth will like it.This design is all about music. Music turn you on ant that is why the title of this design is Turn me ON
If you like my T shirt designs then please click on them and give them your vote so that they can come in market.

March 6, 2009

Health and Happiness

Detoxification is one of our body's basic and automatic functions. but today our food, water and air have more toxins than the body systems can eliminate. It is time to rethink our lifestyle and start a though cleaning of the body and mind.

The book discuss different toxins in body and their detoxification, food that cleans the body, toxins in your home, stress management, Ayurveda and Asian system of life, taming emotions and anger and many other useful details of controlling toxins.

While designing the cover for the book I had a clear idea that cover should look happy, healthy and toxin free and that is why I use elements, font and colours that reflect the idea of toxin free healthy life style.

March 3, 2009

The book for every English-speaking Indian

Don't take your English for granted

Does English come to us naturally? Or are we infected with English? Indlish calls for urgent medication! Of the 80 million Indians who use English today, most speak and write not English, but Indlish. In India the English we use is a hotchpotch of the many languages of our land. 

The book is an Indian bestseller and I had a great time designing the cover for the book. I also designed sleek brochre and a poster for the book which I will post later. 

March 2, 2009


If you have used iPod then you know that it is an amazing gadget with super voice quality, and fantastic features. 28I tried to draw it in CorelDraw. Hope you like it, your comments are most invited. Thank you.


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