April 11, 2009

Choose the Perfect Wine

Whether you want to stock your own personal wine cellar or know how to select the perfect wine for social situations, this book teaches you everything you need to know.

Displaying here the original cover printed by Adams Media and one I changed for Indian Market. Though the original cover is good but I find it very dark so I designed a cover with more colours and more elements. Hope you like it.




ssb said...

good colour choosen

Sameer said...

I like 2nd book design option....1 is also good but....typography is not good...In Book design 2nd its too good...its typography is very good....and also photography is nice.....all the best mannn.......:)

solomonsta said...

i liked the black concept much more,
it had allot of class
d only prob it had was d color of d text which was sort of coinciding with the color behind it.

i feel the new 1 luks a bit ordinary, not eye catching enuff..

well that's wat i think


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