May 19, 2009


Lemon is the most valuable of all fruits for preserving health.

Though am more comfortable with working in CorelDRAW but I also want to polish my skills in Adobe Illustrator and thats why I create this one in AI. I must say that AI has many very good options. I think I should practice it more. Comments Invited.


abuzar said...

you are succeeder to creat hovering space (your work 5&7).Colors are very nice and light. Best!

snake said...

Neat and simple colors.. gr8 work buddy

Kristine said...

Thanks for swinging by my blog adn taking the time to leave a comment! Love your art! The bright colors really appeal to me!

Orchid said...

You definitely have a knack for design. I have to tell you that I have forgotten Corel Draw after I started using Illustrator. It's definitely fun to work on.


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