August 3, 2009

Photograph to Vector

vector-face-final This time I did experiment with my photograph and try to convert it in a vector image. I did it using Photoshop and CorelDraw both. Though you can also do it only in photoshop or corel but I used both the software. Also sharing processing steps below. hope you like it.


Bhushan said...

your blog new post "PHOTOGRAPH TO VECTOR" is good and I am rated there Excellent.

Aashish said...

One thing i must say that I must be jealous of ur work..amazing work..outstanding..I can't say in words..hey would u help me by sending some tutorials on Web Designing and colors theory..I will be very thankful for ur this kindness..

Best said...

Very good work one can say ...its a real pic... All The Bests...!!!

Esther said...

I love it! Looks great. I think I'll try it with one of my own photos.


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