February 25, 2010

Convert Your Windows into a Mac

Many Window users want to switch to Mac. I am sharing here a easy method to convert your existing Window system into a Mac. This method is very cost effective and you don’t need to change your keyboard, mouse etc. for this. Even the commands will remain same but only the look will change. Just follow these simple steps and convert your Windows into a Mac


Step 1


Search for the “apple logo” in Google Image search and download one logo of your choice (one which you like the most)


Step 2


Take out some printouts of the Apple logo you downloaded.


Step 3


Cut the logo in proper shape.


Step 4


Take a thick plain white paper A-3 size (glossy is better). Leave apprx. 2 inch from all the side and cut the area in center. It will be like a paper frame as you can see in photograph.


Step 5


Keep the paper frame horizontally and paste the logo in the center of the frame.

Step 6


You are about to done. Take this frame and paste it on your Windows monitor. and congratulations you are succeed in converting your Windows into Mac. Here is a photograph how me and my friend converted all the Windows computer in our office into Mac.


Now its your turn.

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