March 3, 2009

The book for every English-speaking Indian

Don't take your English for granted

Does English come to us naturally? Or are we infected with English? Indlish calls for urgent medication! Of the 80 million Indians who use English today, most speak and write not English, but Indlish. In India the English we use is a hotchpotch of the many languages of our land. 

The book is an Indian bestseller and I had a great time designing the cover for the book. I also designed sleek brochre and a poster for the book which I will post later. 


TarcĂ­zio Silva said...

nice illustration, but i didn't liked the tipography in the credits below.

Indian Orator said...

Hi NKS, congrats on this cover design blog.
Do post these covers: detoxify. . ., the wolf cover of 7th sense (which was not used), the top consultant, the new catalogues, fiction in films, rukmini devi, kothari commission, . . . .

Anonymous said...



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