March 6, 2009

Health and Happiness

Detoxification is one of our body's basic and automatic functions. but today our food, water and air have more toxins than the body systems can eliminate. It is time to rethink our lifestyle and start a though cleaning of the body and mind.

The book discuss different toxins in body and their detoxification, food that cleans the body, toxins in your home, stress management, Ayurveda and Asian system of life, taming emotions and anger and many other useful details of controlling toxins.

While designing the cover for the book I had a clear idea that cover should look happy, healthy and toxin free and that is why I use elements, font and colours that reflect the idea of toxin free healthy life style.


snake said...

this 1 rox..simple n kool

yang said...

Composition and the visualization power is good..


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