March 28, 2009

Inspirational ideas

My Big Idea: 30 successful entrepreneurs reveal how they found inspiration
In this fascinating new book, 30 successful entrepreneurs explain how they turned their dreams into reality. They tell how they decided what to do, how they got started, how they found the money they needed and how they went about it. But they also reveal how they had doubts, made mistakes and encountered frustrations along the way. Importantly, they also explain how they overcame these difficulties and turned a dream into a commercially viable reality. Gutsy, inspiring and life affirming...if you have ever dream of starting up a business of your own, this book is for you.

Displaying here the original cover printed by Kogan Page UK and one I changed for Indian market printed by Kogan Page India. Hope you like it.

Original cover

Cover I designed for Indian Market
For holding cloud effect I clicked my hand photograph holding my mobile phone and then I Photoshop it and removed my mobile and background from it and adjust it with the cloud. Let me know what you think about the idea.


lotto online said...

Interesting topics could give you more visitors to your site. So Keep up the good work.

Lu Adm said...

Hello, Your book is very good.... I see always..... Be continue this book... very important.... Hugs.. Luciana

Anonymous said...

i'm very fine,
this cover is much meaningful & attractive.... ur doing excellent job!!!

Prasad...... said...

heyy dude....da book covers r reely intrsting...good goin man!!.....u did all o'dem??

mahesh tawde said...

Options 1, 2 and 3 : Font readability is poor. To some extend it doesn't go with the text given on the back coveror the theme.

Finalist for 1st Edition : It's bullseye according to me. Suitable to the theme & content given on back cover. Font readability is very clear.

Finalist for 2nd Edition : Same as above.

Just a small suggestion : Pls keep one thing in mind while designning the coverpage, The title should hit the audience view @ first sight. So try to keep font simple as clear as possible. anybody should be able to read it from a distance also.

I know u r a good designer. Pls don't mind on my suggestion. Being an designer (Friend) myself, I have given my genuine comment what i felt about ur artworks.

Jagannath Khade said...

i am fine yaar.....but sorry to say that i hardly get time from office work to surf on the net. But this time i have seen ur work....not deeply but all are looking have great visualization.

looking4job said...

Hi, My Big Idea, Good job. keep it up.............

Mohammad said...

MY BIG IDEA's design is very very good and amazing!

Chris Jones said...

Your "Big Idea" book cover is my favorite... Cool stuff!!


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