March 20, 2009

Joined-up-thinking for creative people

Recently Apple Computers organized "Joined-up-thinking" event for all creative professionals.

The Event Landing page says -"Whatever kind of professional you are, you know media is converging. Never before have there been so many different ways to deliver an idea. Uncertain about these changes? Take a look at the tools that are essential for remixing creative for multiple media....."

During this interactive event, Allen and one more Mac expert from Apple provide an overview of the latest creative tools for the Mac platform in a very witty style. They also give a demo of Apple’s innovative professional software. They discuss that how Mac’s unparalleled hardware/software integration provides a unique environment to help you create and deliver content for print, web, DVD, broadcast and podcast.

Nowadays creative professionals are facing number of challenges. Competition is increasing and you need to be very fast as well as good at your job to keep your clients happy. As Allen says "Time is money.... less time in completing a job means more money"

No doubt that Mac users have an edge on quality, time consumption, handling different software in one single machine over others who use different OS. The event also included demo on work flows delivering content across different media.

One lucky participant also won the 8GB iPod Nano :) There was also an arrangement of refreshment after event. As an iMac user I find this event very interesting. You got to know about new short cuts and methods to use your Mac as well as other versetile qualities of Apple iMac.

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Jade Meng said...

There are more and more ways to deliver a message and people have developed shorter and shorter span of attention.


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