February 23, 2009

Dance Dance

Shake it baby - Move it baby
Let's Dance
Another vector in CorelDraw


Fittizo Lettore said...

Anathor great pic Soni sir,
A doubt, how did you create those ppl in the image. i.e did you draw them or trace an actual image or used Corel trace to get only the black background.
I tried to create something like this long back but what happens is that when you use the brush tool to create such stuff, it takes each stroke as a vector and the only thing you could do is to grp them up later and trying to edit them. So tracing an actual image using pen is what i did. Corel trace only works best for Black and white images and that could also be a possible option. So pls do tell me your secrets.

eminent said...


it is simply gr8!

i m fortunate to hv a creative friend like u.

carry on..

it is superb

kanu said...

I m a student learning animation..
just wanted to know some idea's for creating the jpeg's...
pls pls pls its not much to ask for i think...
i m not asking u to tell me ur "secrets"...

Kristine said...

I love popping in to visit your blog...the bright colors and awesome designs brighten my day to no end!

pietro said...

Very Nice!


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