February 19, 2009

Cultural Conflict

Globalization has leveled the world. Cultures are emerging. Everyday we meet with people of other countries, of another generation, social class etc. People from other cultures often act in a way that puzzle us. To these people, of course, we are the ones who behave in a surprising manner. The one thing that differentiate us is our culture. Our cultures are deeply-rooted and our unconscious values make us to act in a certain way and therefore, often it lead us to consider something normal what others think abnormal, as polite what to others is rude, and as rational what others find irrational.

One important thing about culture is that it keep changing and changes in culture also change our lives. Cultures are more than language, dress, custom etc. it is like a multi-layered bonding of a group of people. It is like a information that my group, society knows but others don't. It is like something that always with us and giving us ideas about judgment.

I think the only way to resolve any cultural conflict is that everybody accept the global culture. But what is a GLOBAL CULTURE?

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Elizabeth Barrette said...

You raise a good question about what constitutes global culture. I think it has to start with an awareness of things that go beyond national borders -- so for instance, environmentalism can be a part of global culture. Just the idea of global culture, that we can have an identity as Terrans, is itself part of that culture.


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