February 9, 2009

The Dragon and the Elephant

It is always fun and challenge to work on any promotional material. Fun because you have more freedom and challenge because your work will be used in marketing, branding, advertising and distributing so it has to be more appealing and relevant to the product/service.

I think your work should answer the unasked question of customer. In other words, your work should reflect the benefits of the product/service. I am displaying here a poster and brochure that I designed for a book. Hope you like it.


Two Fold Brochure


Austin said...

Your design view is nicely depicted in the design and the title of the poster and the brochure. Which will be easily understood by the reader or viewers in the first instance. That is a great work.

Brochure design

Anonymous said...

Very nice work ! Brochure design and print design in itself is an area that I am expert on. I’m not super familiar with all the file formats needed so that when printed, it looks good.

Brochure Designs


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