February 22, 2009

The Apple of Dispute and the War

The "apple of discord" is a euphemism for the core, kernel, or crux of an argument, or for a small matter that could lead to a bigger dispute.

An apple of discord is a reference to the Golden Apple of Discord which, according to Greek mythology, the goddess Eris said that she would give "the fairest" at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, sparking a vanity-fueled dispute between Hera, Athena and Aphrodite that eventually led to the Trojan War.

The book is about ten tortured marriages. Some are fiction and some are real. I have tried to give it a classic touch and that is why I have used Greek floral pattern, sepia torn paper effect and rich and deep colour schemes.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Final Design


Anonymous said...

All marriages are torture!

Nazeer said...

Your works is really impressive......!!!

Sidd said...

hey hiii.... nice work..... go ahead

S*S said...

Damn good effort. Keep it up.....

Juliana said...

i like the final design better, excelent choice. beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Hi, got here by way of "The Wordsmith's Forge". Beautiful designs! To sell the book, I'd have gone with option 3. Nice echoes of biblical myth to go along with the Greek one. The last two are lovely, too lovely, I'd think the stories were all fiction, if not outright fantasy. I'd have liked the last one best, if without the sepia scrollwork at top and bottom. (And, ah, none of the apples are gold? Was there a reason for that?)

Ed said...

I like the final design too, but I think I like option 1 and 3 better. They are both very Swiss Style.

Book Calendar said...

The one with the knife in the apple seems most appropriate.


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