January 10, 2009

First Step

Hello, I am sharing my work and my views on creativity and other points related to designing through this blog. As most of people think design is not always decorative. As a form of self-expression it can convey a specific feeling, emotion, mood, or impression. A design can communicate a message when it incorporates words, symbols, or representational shapes that are readily understood by the viewer.

I think any design must start with an understanding of what is required by a given problem, and end with a valid solution to the problem. When I deal with visual forms of communication, my concern includes conveying messages, explaining ideas and thoughts, providing guidance and direction, persuation, and stimulation of emotions; all of these constitute the functional aspect of design.

Today designing is useful in many fields like marketing, branding, advertising etc. I will discuss the role of designing in business and how it helps in different areas of work in my upcoming posts. I would love to hear your comments on my posts. Thank you for reading.


sreetilak said...

Hi Narendar, congratulations on creation of your graphic design blog. All the best.

Pooja said...

Hello! Narendra, well all the best with your first blog and with your future projects as well! i really like the few lines u wrote about the design , i believe that's the true definition for a design, u explained it very well! congratulations!

Ysabet said...

You just started this? Wow. Your blog seems very polished for the most part.

KEEP GOING. This blog really jumped out as interesting and different from other blogs. I think you'll net writers and artists in your audience.


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