January 16, 2009

Laws of nature for corporate success

Option: 1
Approved for first edition

Approved for second edition
Designed in CorelDraw - Mac Leopard OS X
Effects: Option 1: Buring text in Photoshop, First edition: Claw scratch in CorelDraw, Second edition: Torn paper in CorelDraw


Jeffrey W. Phillips said...

As I was looking over your site, it helped me think through a project for my students who are learning Illustrator and Photoshop. Of course, they're super basic as to their knowledge and their interest is rather low, BUT I am definitely going to explore the book cover design concept with them.

seetharam said...

hey hi nks all the book covers are really good & with creativity, great job dude.

Ysabet said...

Yep, the green one is best, with that bright golden spot drawing your attention. The wolf howling is not bad.


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