January 17, 2009


Everyone values things differently. In other words, they place their own value on everything that affects their lives. Also from moment to moment they may even change their values. Such as a person, who values diamonds above all else, might be willing to trade a gallon of diamonds for a drink of water to save his life in a desert. What this means is value is a relative thing depending on a need or a perceived need. Yet, how many people will argue and even violently fight over the perceived value of something or some idea only later have an entirely different view point or value.

I am sharing my another vector here, I named it Desert and I hope that you understand why. There are desert waves in the visual. The blue circle indicate the presence of water in desert. It shows that there is water in a desert but in a very small amount and it is deep inside the surface. Same way brown to green circles indicate the presence of plants, they are also deep inside. There are clouds, they are huge and covering the sky but the dark sky indicate that they are passing without raining. There is a Sun and Moon, they both are visible at the same time. Sun and Moon indicates that this is they story of desert all days and nights. It is dry, it has no greenery but still it gives inspiration to others to draw a visual on it.


Ranjeeta said...

Hi have seen ur blog . It is really excellent.

Aashish said...

nice work..nice workk..what would i say..Keep it up..Bye..tc..

Bhushan said...

Desert Blog explanation copy meaning come out from your illustration.

could tel me where r u working, advtg agency name,
just want to know.


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