January 26, 2009


A Simple Way to Start Ideas Coming
Being creative means dealing with ideas. The world runs on ideas. Good things rarely happen accidentally. Long before electric lights or television or heart surgery or even the wheel came to be, they existed as thought in somebody’s mind.

Everything we deal with in our everyday lives existed first as an idea. When you snap on the light switch, remember that Thomas Edison thought of electric lights long before anybody built them. A car was an image in Henry Ford’s mind long before they first model T rolled out of the inventor’s workshop.

The Source of Good Ideas
Where do good ideas come from? You’re probably not a mad genius working in a laboratory, churning out miracle drugs and magic potions for living. But that doesn’t matter. Many of the extraordinary inventions we use in our world today came from quite ordinary people. And those same ordinary people can get good ideas to improve their financial situation, their relationships with others, their circumstances at work and home, and countless other things. Ideas can come to anyone who’s willing to seek them out.

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