January 31, 2009

What if you are not an Artist?

People enjoy graphics. Picture and colour attract attention and hold people’s interest. Look at the front page of any daily newspaper. What grabs your attention first? The big bold headlines and any picture, especially if they are in colour.

If graphics will do all these things, why isn’t everyone who has to communicate using them? Most of the people think you have to be an artist to do it, and they feel that if they aren’t artists they shouldn’t try. This is like thinking that if you aren’t a professional like Narain Karthikeyan, the race car driver, you shouldn’t take a car to road.

You can create simple graphics with nothing but the alphabet and few coloured felt pens. Then you can stretch a little to draw a few simple icons, and have graphics your audience will find useful and enjoyable….even if you have no talent at all.

Does this mean you can create graphics without being able to draw? Of course you can! Thousands of people do it every day. A graphics is a tool using words, shapes, pictures, colour and blank space together in some combination. The purpose of graphic is to get a message across to someone else. It could be conveyed in print, on a computer screen, on a slide or any other way of showing information to people. Anyone can make simple graphics using these tips.

Use colour effectively
Use words and letters as graphics
Use lines, borders and shapes
Use a “graphic alphabet” to create simple picture
Use simple picture to convey ideas
Think up the pictures
Use focus and balance
Get special effects
Plan a series of visual to support a presentation.


Dinesh Singh Rawat said...

Hi .. Your opinion is very true. I feel so.

Ysabet said...

I'm not an artist, and when it comes to illustrating things, I really can't do it effectively by drawing. But I've found other ways, such as scrapbooking. I'm very good at assembling patterned papers, stickers, punch-outs, etc. to illustrate my poetry or other things.

If you can't do something one way, try finding some other way to do it. Think outside the box.


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